For eighteen years of my life I have been in a world with one week camps and sleepovers with friends. They have all ended with me returning home.  This journey is a little different.  It is camp and many sleepovers all rolled into one. Tomorrow afternoon I will leave my home for an adventure that will last about two or three months before I return home.  Tomorrow afternoon I will leave my home to travel to Laramie, WY to begin the step of life that we all call college.

The time this summer can be summed into preparing myself for this new chapter of life.  It has consisted of shopping for my dorm, working as a nanny, shopping for warmer clothes, hanging out with friends, shopping for school supplies, and going on my first date.  The first few weeks were made up of recollections of high school and graduation. The next few weeks were the lull of wondering what to do to pass the time.  The following weeks were the weeks of rushing to go to Water World and to go to the movies all to squeeze out every drop of excitement that “summer 2K15” had to offer. The last weeks consisted of tears, hugs, and a bit of laughter as I said “goodbye” to friends and family.  This past week, however, has been filled with nightmares of me forgetting things, hanging out with new college friends, and helping people load their cars as I say “see you later”.

I do not know what the next week will hold, let alone the rest of the school year.  I do know I have a picture to hang in my dorm from one of the girls I babysat. I know that my family is only a phone call away. I know my best friend and I will have our crazy Skype calls that may begin to annoy our roommates.  Above all, I woke up this morning knowing that God has me wrapped in His arms and He is ready to lead me on this journey. He has known all along which school I was going to choose, and He has known that I would be nervous and stressed out.  It was one of the greatest feelings this morning when I woke up beyond excited to be a part of the Cowboy tradition; the brown and the gold.

This drawing was drawn for me on my last day as a nanny.
This drawing was drawn for me on my last day as a nanny.

I am going to make new friends. I am going to meet new professors. I may have overpacked but, I am ready. I am going to be okay.  To all of the first year college students, you can do this and we can do this. All I have to say now is…GO POKES!