This is how you pronounce my name!
This is how you pronounce my name!

For a while now I have thought about posting something but I have not had the words to say or I have been too busy with the activities and responsibilities that come with being a senior in high school.  Recently I attended my last senior prom, my last senior IB

HL chemistry class, and a while ago I attended my last high school football game as a student and my last basketball game as a manager.  It is crazy to think that as a senior this was a year of lasts, especially since I still remember my freshman orientation day with princess crowns and cow capes.

But, here is the thing, it was also a crazy year of firsts and new beginnings.  I received my first college acceptance letter, thank you University of Wyoming.  It was the first year I was on student council with my main group of friends.  I traveled to Laramie, WY, Austin, TX, and Paris, France for the first time.  I made one of the biggest decisions of my life to attend the University of Wyoming and because of that I began to meet amazing people.  I Skyped for the first time with a future classmate and close friend.  I made a college bucket list and signed up for orientation after applying for housing.  With the pressure of things coming to an end, I can find some relief in looking forward to the future with the mindset of someone who has won an award.

This does not mean I am not scared.  But,I have learned that it is okay to be scared. Recently, I second guessed my college decision and I quickly threw together a last minute college visit, with the help of my mother of course.  I had fun and Phoenix is a wonderful place. But, I kept having this pull back towards Wyoming and I knew I needed to make a perspective change on the whole nervous thing.  I thought that because I was nervous, I had made the wrong decision and I had to come up with a new plan quickly. I am hear to say that being nervous is okay.  God makes things hard, He makes things scary, and out of that he makes things powerful.  That tied with the amazing people I am meeting before classes start in August, I am excited to start this new journey, especially since it has become so vividly obvious that I am not alone.

To the class of 2015, whether you graduate next week or in a month, we did it! I always thought that was a cliche saying, but yesterday was a slap in the face when the past four years came rushing by and I knew and truly felt that yes, we did it.  It is crazy and unsettling to think that we will all end up in different places, but God has got this and we do not need to be afraid.  But yes, we did it.  Here is to new beginnings, as well as the other things that will eventually come to an end.  It is okay that things will come to an end, it means that we are growing and learning. It also means we are prepared for the amazing adventures ahead.  Till next time 2015, we are now beginning our journey as the class of 2019.